Values Statement

  1. We believe in religious freedom—this includes the right NOT TO BELIEVE in God or follow any religion or religious practise.

  2. We believe in the sacredness of the individual as the basic unit of humanity—this includes the right to feel naturally safe in one’s own body, the right to sexual function and sexual orientation, the right to reproductive function, the right to sex-based boundaries, and the dignity of the human body.

  3. We believe in the sacredness of the family as the basic unit of society—this includes the right to remain together as a family unit even and especially when one member has disabilities or other challenges that necessitate additional support and care. It is society’s primal duty to provide all support and social infrastructure needed to keep families intact. The role of government is to facilitate that, not remove vulnerable people and isolate them from their families in an industrial care setting they create for this purpose. Centre humans and not institutions.

  4. We believe in the sacredness of ecology and the integrity of the environment—humans do not exist to have dominion over other life forms, rather we need to reframe and see our role as restorative—restoring harmony in nature and establishing and preserving balance between ourselves and nature, seeing ourselves as part of nature as opposed to existing on an elevated plane from nature. Separation is an illusion.

  5. We believe in economic justice—this includes access to opportunities and infrastructure that assists ambitious individuals in climbing the economic ladder, homes for all including the possibility of home ownership for those who want it, living wages, it includes the right to exist above subsistence level-survival mode, to live free from the forced choicelessness that comes from living in an economically skewed society.

  6. We believe in political justice—this includes rule by and for the people, not just for the wealthy and powerful, free and fair electoral processes, a free and independent and ethical press accountable to the people it serves and not the wealthy one percent, access to voting for people across all social strata, access to compassionate local community and leadership building.

  7. We believe in human dignity and the equality of the sexes—this includes the right to experience the natural necessary and temporally governed human developmental process we call puberty—also as known as growing up. Human dignity includes the right to grow up in one’s own body and experience physical maturation needed to survive and thrive and endure adulthood for the duration of life expectancy.

  8. We believe in freedom of thought, speech, assembly, and publication.

  9. We believe in the right to safe social connection for all—social connection is a biological imperative, we grow weakened and sick and we die without it.

  10. We believe in truth that endures, defying narcissistic attempts to redefine/renegotiate/transgress it’s boundaries in a quest to promote egoistic interests.